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Ski and Snowboard Seasonal Programs 2022/2023

2022/2023 Winter Season Registration

Welcome to McCall Winter Sports Club!


Please read through the following before you drop into registration for the 22/23 winter season as program selections will look a little different than last year. Athletes will have the option to select Brundage Mountain or Tamarack Resort as their "primary" ski area for weekend training. Athletes will also have the option to add mid-week training at Little Ski Hill. 


For athletes who are in the early stages for development, Mighty Mites and Ski & Snowboard Development(Devo) is recommended.  These are our foundational programs for athletes 6-14 years of age.  Saturday and Sunday programming is the same at Brundage and Tamarack. 


For athletes (8-16 years of age) who want more technical training and/or a competitive focus, Alpine Race, Freeride, or Backcountry teams would be the way to go.  Consider the following: 

1. Alpine racers are encouraged to train at Brundage Mountain with their respective race team; North Series, U14, or U16.  Alternatively, racers may select Tamarack as their "primary" ski area knowing that training will be with the Devo Cross-Over team when training at Tamarack. And at any time racers want to train at Brundage, they may do so with coaches' clearance. Racers and coaches will travel as a team to IMD races. 

2. Freeride athletes interested in competing in USASA and IFSA events are encouraged to train at Tamarack Resort. Alternatively, athletes may select Brundage as their "primary" ski area knowing that weekend training will be with the Backcountry team.  Freeride athletes and coaches will travel as a team to USASA and IFSA competitions. 

3. Athletes primarily interested in learning snow safety and skiing/riding out of bounds should select Brundage as their "primary" ski area in order to register for the Backcountry team.  Athletes and coaches will travel as a team to other ski areas throughout the season. 


All weekend programming will officially kick off with holiday camps at the athlete's primary ski area. These camp days are included in seasonal programming.  Optional, bonus camp days will be made available soon. 

Mid-week Air & Style programming at Little Ski Hill will kick off Friday, January 6th and run Wednesdays & Fridays through March 15th. If registering for Air & Style only, choose Little Ski Hill as the "primary" ski area.


If you have any questions about programming or need help with registration, please call Chris Costa at 208-918-0234 or email 


1. If you are a returning athlete & completed your volunteer commitment last season, have your discount code ready! You'll apply that at check-out. 

returning athlete

2. If you are registering 2+ siblings then add all athletes before checking out so that you receive a $50 discount for sibling #2, #3 & #4.



3. All athletes will receive a logo beanie and t-shirt. Team jackets are optional and extra, but highly recommended for those traveling to competitions as a team.  Sync is MWSC's official brand for the 22/23 season. Orders are made through our team store at (Access code = mccall22)

4. If you are an employee of Brundage, Tamarack, or Little Ski Hill email for a discount code. 

resort employee discount